Heat Roadmap Europe (or HRE) planned a series of 14 webinars throughout 2018 to help you learn more about HRE project and actions.  Two are planned in March:

  • The first one, entitled  “Roadmaps to decarbonise heating and cooling in Europe. What is Heat Roadmap Europe?” will take place in March 8 and will be presented by Brian Vad Mathiesen, Professor at Aalborg University, Denmark and HRE Coordinator
  • The second one, “Energy mapping: Matching potentials and demands for heating and cooling”, will be held on March 22. Dr. Bernd Möller, Professor at Europa-Universtät Flensburg, will discuss this topic.


Click here to see the agenda of the coming webinars and register. More will be timed after the summer break.

Heat Roadmap Europe 4 gathers 24 partners in a consortium dedicated to develop low-carbon heating and cooling strategies. To read more about HRE, click here