On May 15, GRETA partners and administrators of the Italian Alpine Space (technicians from public organization, i.e. Region, Environmental Agencies) met in Milan for a workshop to exchange information and strategies for the development and diffusion of the geothermal systems.

General Information



  1. The GRETA Project: presentation, Kai Zosseder
  2. Applications of near-surface geothermal systems and constraints, Alessandro Casasso
  3. Regulatory procedures in the Alpine Space countries, Jörg Prestor
  4. Regulatory procedures in the Central Europe countries, Doris Rupprecht
  5. Regulatory procedures in Lombardia Region, Carlo Enrico Cassani, Stefania Ghidorzi
  6. Downloadable handbook and tools from the GRETA Project, Pietro Capodaglio
  7. Maps of potential of near-surface geothermal systems, Simone Della Valentina
  8. Integration of near-surface geothermal systems in the Energy Plans, Pietro Zambelli, Valentina D'Alonzo, Antonio Novelli, Roberto Vaccaro