Kick-off meeting (PSG1) Verona, 29-30-31 October 2019

BE-READI ALPS kicked-off in Verona soon after the project official starting date. The partners, coming from Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Francia, gathered to introduce themselves and discuss the most important steps to take in order to successfully implement the project in the next two years and – most importantly – to ensure sustainability of its results: final aim is in fact that of shaping an innovative Alpine ecosystem, where political actors, SMEs and BE-READI Points can work together towards a common goal.

Since the project was born as a consequence of the work done by some of the partners of C-TEMAlp, old and new partners were invited to introduce themselves and to “break the ice” in order to build an efficient and collaborative team. The partnership was thus split in 3 working groups to discuss in depth the activities. New ideas and points of discussions were raised, so that in the end all participants had a clear overview on what to do and how to best do it.

The meeting was organized in the most interactive way possible, as to allow everyone to participate and share valuable thoughts and ideas. Interactive surveys, workshops and presentations allowed for all partners to “BE READI”… to work together!