While the international climate summit organized by the United Nations (COP25) is on in Madrid, the cultural heritage sector wants to play its part, as well. During the event, the first Action Plan of the Climate Heritage Network was launched; the action plan is based on the idea that the cultural heritage sector can concretely support the fight against climate change.

The individual states, more than all, must take action to protect cultural heritage from natural disasters and, on this purpose, Italy has just launched the institution of a Directorate General for the Safeguarding of Heritage, that will deal with both prevention and reconstruction and will act in cooperation with all other structures and Public Authorities of cultural heritage. But,as the Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini claimed during the last Unesco General Conference in Paris, the main issue is the lack of concrete regulations and action plans at international level, built on the basis of the great research work that the international cultural heritage organizations (ICOMOS, ICCROM and Unesco) have been carrying out for years.

Also Erminia Sciacchitano of the European Commission’s Education, Youth, Sport and Culture DG comments: “if we want to achieve international objectives, we must not waste time and look at the great work already done both at international and European level”. Just in 2018, the Commission invested EUR 18 million through the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, to test solutions that increase the resilience of historic settlements and promote their sustainable recovery in the event of natural disasters;

While cultural heritage is a source of resilience for communities, it is time for the sector to capitalize the expertise and the efforts of the international organizations and applying them to the solutions already devised by other countries to save the faster we can what has not just saved yet.

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