The value of assets at risk (identity, historical value, income generation potential) is one of the main drivers in orienting decision making on safeguarding interventions. 
Based on a comparative review of available methodologies, Partners have developed the “Conceptual document on evAluaTion Tool for Alpine Cultural Heritage (ATTACH) design” that synthetizes a reference concept and a tool for evaluating cultural heritage. 
The first part of the document is a conceptual framework, providing an overview of several theoretical underpinnings of risk assessment.
Then the heart of the document is the ATTACH tool that explains the conceptual design of the tool and describes the step-by-step protocol on how to implement it.
ATTACH tool was tested in each Country involved in the project:
Austria – The pilot site Dürnstein
France - The case of Val d’Ubaye
Germany - The case study of Markt Teisendorf
Italy - The case of the Autonomous Province of Trento
Slovenia - The case of Idrija mercury mine
Visit the section Techincal reports to discover the full document and the pattern used to carry out the tests in the pilot areas.