The AlpGov 2 project aims at enhancing the governance structures and mechanisms of the European Strategy for the Alpine Region. Based on overall governance rules set politically by the General Assembly and technically by the Executive Board, it serves as the main tool to make the EUSALP effective.

In its supporting role, it empowers the EUSALP Action Groups first of all by creating a structured learning process for the development of new skills to be shared among the members of the Action Groups and of the Executive Board and all the relavant actors (EUSALP Learning Environment). The professionalization of the Action Groups' work will ensure a proper decision-making and a strategic implementation of the EUSALP Action Plan. In particular, AlpGov 2 will launch strategic initiatives, both related to specific themes at the core of the Action Groups' as well as cross-sectoral initiatives highlighting the importance of mainstreaming EUSALP in policy dialogue and policies programming.

The dialogue among the EUSALP actors, the stakeholders at each territorial level and the other macro-regional strategies will generate momentum and prospects for the revitalisation of the Strategy in each Alpine country and region. The stakeholders and citizens will benefit directly from the effectiveness of the EUSALP-embedded policies as they will be considered not only as recipients of the process but as co-designers and co-deciders. AlpGov 2 will anchor its action in the multi-level governance approach, thus, fully living up to the ideals of the EUSALP and to a result-oriented public action.