The first alpine-wide conference on alpine tourism and its relations with culture and the cultural landscape of the Alps is convened to provide an analysis of the close relationship between Alpine tourism and the cultural landscape of the Alps, to discover how local culture has shaped the Alpine territory by creating landscapes that have become part of the cultural and economic heritage of our country. A window on new solutions and strategies for local tourism in the post-COVID era. A reflection on the key elements to enhance Alpine cultural tourism.
This virtual conference involves experts in the tourism, landscape and historical-cultural heritage sectors. Topics, such as the enhancement of the cultural landscape in the Alps through the UNESCO Conventions, cultural Mountain tourism in the aftermath of the COVID-19 emergency, will be discussed from new perspectives, in view of a revival of the sector, in the name of sustainability and the promotion and dissemination of the heritage and cultural itineraries in the Alpine region. 
The Conference Alpine Landscape Meets Culture, Cultural Heritage and Landscape for a new Alpine tourism – ALMCC2020 is promoted by the Alpine Convention, the Italian Delegation in the Alpine Convention, the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea Protection and the Alpine regions that will attend the event, in particular the Valle d’Aosta Autonomous Region, with the contribution of the Municipality of Courmayeur and the scientific support of Eurac Research and Fondazione Montagna sicura, with the participation of the Alpine Space CHEERS Project.
Alpine cultural heritage facing natural hazards: enhancing knowledge and decisionmaking processes in emergences involving cultural heritage in the Alps is the title of the presentation by Giulia Pesaro, Project Manager of CHEERS project and member of the scientific committee of the Conference.