The entire BE-READI ALPS team joins in thanking all the companies and local stakeholders who have supported our project in this first year of our journey.

It has been a difficult year to say the least, a year in which topics such as digitalization and innovation were on everyone's lips and in which talking about internationalization and global markets meant reinventing one's strategy.
It has been a year, for BE-READI ALPS, of training and experimentation, but also of support to companies in the Alpine Space that have found themselves caught up in the crisis. Companies that, more than ever, needed to plan a strategy to launch a metaphorical "second life" and start again under the banner of digitalization and innovation.

We at BE-READI ALPS remain positive and confident, because even if full of obstacles, we hope that you too will be ready for a successful 2021, in which you will continue to follow us on our journey towards a more competitive and successful Alpine region.

More than 30 training webinars, about 60 companies that signed the Expression of Interest, 10 digital online events... This and much more was 2020 for BE-READI ALPS.

May 2021 bring with it economic recovery and preparation for an innovative future!