From July to December 2020 BE-READI ALPS continued sailing in the present rough sea toward our lighthouse: supporting our companies in launching their projects, valorising our mutual cooperation and the resources available in the Alpine Space.

The first milestone we reached in our journey was the finalisation of the BE-READI Starterkit that allows us to understand the companies’ needs and the readiness of their projects.

In this particular period, where no physical meetings are possible, we though to use some b2b platforms to facilitate the matching among our companies and potential partners. So we set up our permanent BE-READI networking platform where BE-READI Points bilaterally discuss companies’ profiles and companies and providers virtually meet.

During this period we kicked off our first DigithON -Turn ON Digital Transformation, we launched our Ideas Factory with many different formats, topics and experts and we went on also in producing and sharing our webinars. It was amazing seeing that across the Alps we virtually got in contact with more than 500 companies.

But even if technology has a main role especially in this period, our biggest resource is the staff of the 14 BE-READI Points that are fully involved to support the first 80 companies that entered in our Pilot and to accreditate the 60 providers that express their commitment to be involved.

Part of our mission is also to translate pilot outcomes into inputs for our decision makers. The policy dialogue is already open and the topics of Access to Finance and Digital Transformation of companies have so far been discussed in our Policy Tables.

The virtual community of BE-READI ALPS is also kept updated and we are growing our Linkedin community as well as enriching our YouTube channel.