Promoting a liveable Alpine Space

We dream of a liveable Alpine Space able to face the consequences of climate change. 18 co-funded projects on water management, natural disaster prevention and accessibility to nature have helped us come closer to this goal. Interreg Alpine Space supports climate adaptation projects everywhere in the Alpine region. Click on the images to discover how projects made each dream become a reality!



Discover how LOS_DAMA! helps make the dream of accessible natural landscape come true

Conflicts and development pressures may threaten the landscape and the possibility for people to enjoy it. In 7 cities the LOS_DAMA! partnership tested new ways to identify, manage and promote peri-urban landscapes worth of protection. Other Alpine cities can now learn from the LOS_DAMA! toolbox and guidelines how to best develop their own fringe landscape strategy.




Discover how RocktheAlps makes the dream of safe Alpine villages come true.

Forests cover 40% of the Alpine area. Besides their many other functions, they are an effective and low cost natural protection from rock falls. RockTheAlps project has made the first step towards integrating forests in local protection policies. The project developed analysis and research which is now available to anyone involved in rock fall protection from experts to politicians and citizens.






Discover how YOUrALPS helps make the dream of youth involvment in protecting the Alps come true

 Together, the 200 educators and the associations, protected areas and NGOs involved in YOUrALPS have developed a new school model to highlight the interdependent environmental and social processes taking place in the Alps. Throughout the project, over 2000 pupils have studied the Alps from various perspectives through outdoor activities, new technologies and hands-on projects. 




Discover how Links4soils helps make the dream of better soil management come true

Soils purify water, retain it in the case of floods, store large amounts of carbon, allow plants to grow and influence our well-being in many ways. However, we often lack knowledge on all of its function when administrating it. Links4soils provides this much-needed soil expertise and information as well as a transnational soil management consulting service.






Discover how ADO helps make the dream of an Alpine region protected from droughts a reality

As water scarcity becomes worrying, Alpine countries need to define common strategies to act. The ADO project sets up a drought observatory based on a combination of meteorological information and hydrological indices and data, including, for instance, figures on snow cover and soil moisture. This is a game changing tool for drought management in the Alps.






Discover trAILS helps make the dream of revitalised areas come true

In the Alps, like elsewhere, the decline of the traditional heavy and manufacturing industry has left behind impressive once-productive landscapes. trAILS works with the local communities of 4 pilot sites to give a new life to former industrial areas and devises tools for salvaging this heritage across the Alps.






Discover how AlpES helps make the dream of ecosystems' recovery come true

In October 2018, Vaia storm knocked down 42.000 hectares of woodlands in the Italian Alps. AlpES has worked to raise awareness and involve stakeholders, but also to answer the need for information of many policymakers. To achieve this, the project partners have gathered the policy tools available in the Alpine nations and harmonised the mapping and assessment of ecosystem services.



A liveable Alpine Space in figures