Defending a well-governed Alpine Space

We dream of a well governed Alpine Space. 6 co-funded projects on youth involvement, policies adapted to climate change and alpine cooperation have helped us come closer to this goal. Interreg Alpine Space supports good governance projects everywhere in the Alpine region. Click on the images to discover how projects made each dream become a reality!



Discover how GaYa helps make the dream of youth political involvement come true

GaYa project partners believe that teenagers and young adults often just lack opportunities to have a say in politics. GaYa tested many ways to involve youth in local decision-making. As municipalities often meet similar obstacles on the path to youth participation, GaYa has included in its toolbox a set of “try different” cards, each highlighting how an alternative approach can help overcome these issues.




Discover how GoApply makes the dream of adapted politics to climate change come true.

Climate change affects the Alpine space in many ways: the delicate mountain ecosystem is altered, new weather-related risks arise, local economic opportunities change. GoApply tackles the key challenges of adaptation governance by mapping and comparing existing governance approaches, good practices and innovations to include climate adaptation into sectoral policies and to set-up effective formats of stakeholder interaction. 





Discover how ARDIA-NET helps make the dream of ever deeper Alpine cooperation come true

The Alps are home to several innovation hot spots, but cross-sector and cross-region cooperation is still limited. As this becomes a key to creating new value chains and tapping into economic trends like circular-bioeconomy and health economy, ARDIA-NET partners have committed created an Alpine research and development area, whose cross-regional funding framework will stimulate cooperation.



A well-governed Alpine Space in figures