AlpGov 2

Implementing Alpine Governance Mechanisms of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region

Specific objectives

AlpGov 2 aims at enhancing EUSALP's governance structures and mechanisms to push the Strategy towards a future of embedding into the mainstream policies for regional development and cohesion. The programme priority is to increase the application of multilevel and transnational governance in the Alpine Space.

The specific objectives are:


To enhance cooperation between the 9 AGs, the EB, the EUSALP Presidencies

In order to facilitate the coordination process, the Board of Action Group Leaders (BAGL) will work together with the EB continuously in defining strategic initiatives and coordinating the AGs’ Action Plans with the annual Presidencies to guarantee technical support for crucial initiatives, which will be promoted in a synergistic manner.

To involve stakeholders in the definition of priorities and initiatives

Stakeholder involvement is a pre-condition for the successful implementation of the macro-regional strategy: including both communities as well as local authorities in planning is crucial for improving decision-making and realizing projects and initiatives. Strategic initiatives will be promoted to implement the EUSALP Action Plan and the Work Plans of the AGs together with the stakeholders.

To increase political commitment under a set of strategic priority policy areas

Once the strategic policy areas have been defined in collaboration with the EB and stakeholders, the partners will design roadmaps to effectively transfer AlpGov 2 priorities and results into public policies. A set of policy recommendations will be transferred to policy-makers at all relevant levels of government, starting with directly engaging politicians in working sessions, events, and policy workshops.

Project results

Project outputs: Level of application of multilevel and transnational governance in the Alpine Space


As AlpGov 2 is a governance project the main outputs are instrumental for enhancing of the EUSALP governance itself. Therefore, the outputs are dedicated partly to the support of the AGs’ work and partly to consolidating relationships among the wide range of actors and stakeholders of the Strategy. Namely, the main outputs are:

- EUSALP Learning Environment: to professionalise the implementation of the strategy;
- Strategic sectoral implementation initiatives: to reinforce the AGs’ thematic activities in the various fields of action;
- Strategic cross-sectoral implementation initiatives: to boost the innovative actions in an integrated manner;
- Set of common targets and indicators: to embed and monitor the implementation of strategic initiatives;
- Policy recommendations: to guarantee the ownership of the results at higher governance level and develop of genuine macroregional policies.