AlpGov 2

Implementing Alpine Governance Mechanisms of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region


  • AlpGov 2 website is now online !

    The project website has been updated, the information is matching to the AlpGov 2 project's overview. The website is now available for all users on the Alpine Space Portal.

  • AlpGov 2 - Newsletter n°01 - June 2020

    New newsletter template for new project! 

    In consultation with the Executive Board and the BAGL, the communication team worked on the drafting of a new newsletter format. More focused on projects and cross-sectoral dynamics. 
  • AlpGov 2 project has a new poster


    A project poster with information about the project, the project logo and information about the ERDF co-funding of the project has been edited by the National Agency for Territorial Cohesion and 
    displayed at each PP’s premises.



  • AlpGov 2

    The AlpGov 2 project aims at enhancing the governance structures and mechanisms of the European Strategy for the Alpine Region. Based on overall governance rules set politically by the General Assembly and technically by the Executive Board, it serves as the main tool to make the EUSALP effective.