Linking BioBased Industry Value Chains Across the Alpine Region

Demonstration of Value Chains by implementing Pilot Actions


Here you can download the Report on the four demonstrator value chains that have been developed during the Project. 

After identifying the actors and stakeholders from the regions of the Project Partners, the Value Chain Generator was filled with the researched data (descriptors), which define value chains with the corresponding input and output flows of the actors concerned.

Subsequently, existing value chains were taken into account as a starting point for the development of new, innovative, bio-based business models (biolinks). Then,  these ideas were presented to the actors to debate technical, economic and ecological aspects in a joint discussion session (Piloting Session). 

The goal of each Piloting Session is the development of business opportunities between the attending actors, pitching the biolink and explaining the profit both sides can gain. Afterwards, many follow up meetings shall take place in order to discuss  future business opportunities.