Linking BioBased Industry Value Chains Across the Alpine Region

AlpLinkBioEco Final Publication: Creating BioBased Value in the Alpine Space


Creating Bio-based value in the Alpine Space – this has indeed been the overall objective with the AlpLinkBioEco project. And the approach has been, first and foremost, a practical one.

To begin with, a methodology and a software have been developed, the Value Chain Generator (VCG), in order to connect diverse bio-feed-stock producers with intermediate product developers and end users to create new biobased  value chains. It can support clusters, innovation and development agencies to develop new business opportunities for its members, or it can be exploited by companies to find new suppliers or new customers.

Based on the developed methodology and using the VCG, the Project Partners succeded in creating potential new business opportunities, matching actors at local, national and macro-regional level. They set up eleven preliminary meetings (Piloting Sessions) to discuss these new value chain ideas and theirs economic and technical feasibility.  Some of these Piloting Sessions, led to concrete collaborations, the setting up of new projects and  the development of a prototype plant.

Furthermore, since a joint Alpine Space strategy on circular bio-based economy is still missing in the region, precious and useful assets, data, inputs and strategies have been gathered during the Project and further analyzed and elaborated by Partners to draft a Masterplan, which aims at fostering the definiton of a common  strategy, contributing to the EUSALP integration in the Alpine macro-region.

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