Linking BioBased Industry Value Chains Across the Alpine Region

Memo - The Value Chain Generator Software Tool

The Value Chain Generator (VCG) Tool is one of the main outputs of AlpLinkBioEco and it has been developed by the  Institute of Complex Systems – School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg (HES-SO//FR HEIA-FR).

It is a software that allows to match actors from different sectors and Countries to create novel biobased value chains and it has been tested and succesfully exploited by the Project Partners for this purpose during the Project. Both intra-regional as well as cross-regional new business opportunities can be envisaged if data is shared, as it was the case during the Project.

The primary users of the VCG are the stakeholders of innovation ecosystems, companies, researchers, policymakers, but also cluster managers.

Until at least April 2023, the live version of the web-based software tool will be hosted by the Institute of Complex Systems at the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg (iCoSys). Project Partners can continue to use the software and enlarge the database.

New users are invited to join, since  the source code of the VCG software is available under a permissive software license!

Discover the Value Chain Generator here

Find out more on the VCG and its functionalities in the Memo below.