Linking BioBased Industry Value Chains Across the Alpine Region

A series of short videos presenting the #AlpLinkBioEco project development, its progresses, activities, findings, results and prospects at the regional and transnational level are featured here. In descending chronological order (latest on top of the list).

29 -  AlpLinkBioEco - Final Conference Playlist. Watch the videos 

28 -  AlpLinkBioEco - Piloting Sessions: INNONET Kunststoff. Watch the video

27 - AlpLinkBioEco - Piloting Sessions: Chemie Cluster Bayern. Watch the video 

26 - AlpLinkBioEco - Piloting Sessions: Hub Innovazione Trentino. Watch the video

25 - AlpLinkBioEco - Piloting Sessions: A successful example of cross-regional cooperation. Watch the video

24 - AlpLinkBioEco - Piloting Sessions: BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH. Watch the video

23 - AlpLinkBioEco - Piloting Sessions: Fraunhofer Italia. Watch the video

22 - AlpLinkBioEco - Piloting Sessions: Business Upper Austria. Watch the video

21 - AlpLinkBioEco - Piloting Sessions: Plastics Innovation Competence Center. Watch the video

20 - AlpLinkBioEco - Piloting Sessions: Plastipolis. Watch the video

19 - AlpLinkBioEco - Piloting Sessions: Confindustria Lombardia. Watch the video

18 - AlpLinkBioEco - Piloting Sessions: Lombardy Green Chemistry Association. Watch the video

17- AlpLinkBioEco - Contributing to the Deployment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Watch the video

16- AlpLinkBioEco - A Roadmap for a Circular Bio-based Economy (WP4) by Riccardo Brozzi at PSG5. Watch the video

15- AlpLinkBioEco - Policy Development Explained (WP4) by Olga Boyarintseva at PSG5. Watch the video

14- AlpLinkBioEco - Implementing Value Chains as Demonstrators (WP3) by Dorian Wessely at PSG5. Watch the video

13- AlpLinkBioEco - An algorythm to manage the project Knowledge Base (WP2) by Andreas Fischer at PSG5. Watch the video

12- AlpLinkBioEco -The Cluster Mapping Report in a Nutshell (WP1-2) by Darja Osvald at PSG5. Watch the video

11- AlpLinkBioEco - Introduction to the Work Packages 1-4 Features by Michael Keller at PSG5. Watch the video

10- AlpLinkBioEco - Leads and Prospects. A three-part video series (Part C). Conversation Daum Partermann. Watch the video

9- AlpLinkBioEco - Leads and Prospects. A three-part video series (Part B). Conversation Daum Partermann.  Watch the video

8- AlpLinkBioEco - Leads and Prospects. A three-part video series (Part A). Conversation Daum Partermann.  Watch the video

7- AlpLinkBioEco - Presented at TCI2019 09 10 2019, Antwerp (NL). Watch the video

6- AlpLinkBioEco - Value Chain Generator Tool - State of the Art. Watch the video

5- AlpLinkBioEco - In World Circular Economy Forum (WFCEF 2019), Helsinki (FI).  Watch the video

4- AlpLinkBioEco - Workshop on Circular Economy in Sondrio (IT). Watch the video

3- AlpLinkBioEco & Bioeconomy Dialogues, an initiative of LGCA. Watch the video

2- AlpLinkBioEco - Value Chains - First Steps. Watch the video

1- AlpLinkBioEco - Discover the Intervention Logic. Watch the video