Sustainable use and management of non native trees in the alpine region

Song for children

This Song and Video won 1st prize in the compartment Storytelling in the 2020  #EUinmyregion competition.

ALPTREES - Song for children
(Katzentatzenlied by Frederik Vahle)

Download / play: alptree_v1.mp3

Video (Youtube):

ALPTREES created a children’s song to reach and entertain a broad audience from toddlers to grandparents.
The lyrics are descriptive in showing what obstacles trees have to deal with in concerns of climate change.

We would like to invite you to be part of our music video!
If you have children that love to dress up and If you have costumes or like to make some, we would be happy if you could contribute to our video:

Dress up (in any form) as

  • The Sun
  • The Beetle
  • The Storm
  • The Insect
  • and
  • TREES, of course!

Also deer, forestanimals, plants, everything related to forests and climate change is very welcome!

We ask you to make videoclips with your mobile phones with your dressed up children (or yourself) dancing, singing along or get dramatic with some of the ideas given in the song lyrics. Be creative!

Please use landscape format (Querformat) if possible. (We will try to work with any formats)

Send your files (per Wetransfer) to:
Or directly via Signal or Whattsapp to Petra Meisel:  + 43 676 309 71 41

Add your contact so we can keep you updated with the results!

Please fill out the legal form attached to this site to give us permission to use the material: alptrees_agreement_for_the_use_of_footage.docx


Here are the lyrics:

ALPTREES - Song for children
(Katzentatzenlied by Frederik Vahle)

The SUN is shining on the forest
says: " This year there'll be some dry stress
always sunny, always dry
how you need some rain to come by
you are stressed and so worn out
you're not made for such a drought!"

The BEETLE comes into the forest  
as an uninvited tree pest
"It was not so long ago
when your resin juices flow
couldn't enter couldn't bite
now I act like dynamite
Your resistance is too thin
see my children walk straight in.

Now the STORM comes to the forest
not like wind, but like a tempest
"You're too dry and weak and ill
winters warm no time to chill
I grow stronger every season
you all break and I'm the reason!"

The INSECT comes into the forest
says: " I got to be quite honest,
jolly warm from March to Fall
I can reproduce them all            (shows his children)
not just one time, not just twice
see my family  numbers rise
early springtime and no ice
now we live in paradise
and if we are done with YOU
you have sisters quite a few."

And we’ll move to forests new
As soon as we are done with you!”