Sustainable use and management of non native trees in the alpine region


  • Alptrees Newsletter 9

    Newsletter 9, May 2022

    - Excursion and visit to Paulownia plantation in Trento /Val Sugana
    - Tree Talk in Freiburg
    - ALPTREES Conference and Steering Committee Meet
    - Training Material Set
    - Transnational Strategy
    - School Activities with Istituto Dalmasso

  • ALPTEEES Conference & Open Steering Group Meeting

    ALPTREES Conference on the Sustainable Use and Management of Non-Native Trees in Urban, Peri-Urban and Forest Ecosystems in the Alpine Region. 2nd of May to 5th of May 2022, San Michele Alladige & Online

  • Alptrees Newsletter 8

    Newsletter 8, April 2022

    - ALPTREES Handbooks
    - Online Training Course
    - Exhibition in Slovenia: DO TREES TRAVEL?
    - ALPTREES Policy Workshop
    - Podcasts and Blogs

  • TREE TALK Freiburg - April 2022

    Available soon

  • Alptrees Newsletter 7

    Newsletter 7,  December 2021

    - 15th Steering Group Meeting in Ljubliana, Slovenia
    - Stakeholder-Workshop und TREE TALKS in Italien
    - Podcasts and Blogs
    - ALPTREES HandBooks
    - Replanting project of native species, Trento, Italy