Sustainable use and management of non native trees in the alpine region

D.C.3.2 TREE TALK Freiburg - April 2022

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D.C.3.2 Tree Talk Trento - Report

The difference between a fragile city and a resilient city is in the planning. Being able to predict the needs and difficults related to future climate scenarios is the key to ensuring sustainable and safe development, avoiding getting lost in the emergency conditon that often forces us to face problems in the short term without solving them. We are facing a great global challenge and we can also begin to fight from Trento.


D.C.3.2 TREE TALK Italy - Piemonte 20th November 2021

Many Organization and stakeholders were involved in our tREE TALK that took place in “La Mandria Park” in Turino. Qualified experts presented their work like members of the the Piedmontese Mycological Association, Teachers for Future, the Management body of the protected areas of the Royal Parks, IPLA Institute for Wood and Environment and the University of Turin with the Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences.

Also the expert mycologist Iolanda Armand Ugon and Paolo Varese shared their knowledge.


D.C.3.2 TREE TALK Italy - Levico 30th August 2021

The Italian TREE TALK on August 30th and 31th took place in Trentino. The ALPTREES team got in contact with the public in Levico Terme, settled in Trentino, and hosts an enchanting Park, which is also the biggest historic park in the province of Trento. The park was established in 1898, it covers an area of over 131,000 square metres and hosts 125 different species of trees and shrubs, some of which are non-native. In this majestic venue the ALPTREES partners from Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM) organized a Tree Talk & Walk, during which participants had the opportunity to discuss with Nicola La Porta - researcher at FEM and expert in the field of forestry and nature conservation- about the role of trees in the forests during centuries, as well as the importance and challenges of native and non-native tree species.

In the morning of August 31st our Tree Talk moved to Arco, settled very close to lake Garda and internationally renowned for its gardens, buildings and well-designed art nouveau palaces.

After starting the meeting under the shadow of the magnificent magnolia trees in the city centre, the team then walked up to the Arboretum. Audiences had the chance to admire plants from all over the world and to discuss uses, pros and cons, and possible future trends of native and non native trees. Among the participants we also found three representatives from the local forest ranger body, who furtherly contributed to have a very fruitful discussion. The walk resulted in a pleasant talk, and all the participants came out with the perception to have reached a broader view of the topic thanks to this really appreciated ALPTREES initiative!"

Tree Talk Trento - Report


D.C.3.2 TREE TALK - Ljublana / Kranj - 17th June 2021

On Thursday, June 17, 2021 Development agency Sora d.o.o. in cooperation with the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Protection and the Forestry Institute of Slovenia, a partner of the ALPTREES project, organized “TREE TALK" in Prešeren's Park in Kranj, Gorenjska.

At the “Tree Talk” experts from the field of forestry, nature conservation, landscaping of public urban areas in Kranj and woodworking presented the importance of trees in the city and forest, the importance and challenges of native tree species as well as non-native tree species.

Representatives of organizations and societies, participants in the Tree Talk, who care about the environment, forest and nature, also presented their views on the importance of trees in the city and forest.

  • Project ALPTREES and its aims (Aleksander Marinšek, Slovenian Forestry Institute)
  • Trees in the Municipality of Kranj (Erik Vidmar, Flora sport, d. o. o.)
  • Forest and man (Davor Krepfl, Institute of RS for nature conservation, OE Kranj)
  • Tree in the forest (Boštjan Škrlep, Slovenia Forest Service)
  • The wood is speaking (Irena Leban, Secondary School of Wood Engineering, School Centre Škofja Loka)


D.C.3.2 TREE TALK - Klagenfurt - 11th June 2021

“Tree Talk” event, on 11th June 2021, at 14.00 in the EUROPAPARK, Klagenfurt.

- 14:00 h Begrüßung durch die offizeillen Vertreter der Stadtregierung (Vzbgm. Dolinar und STR. Habenicht)
- 14:10 h kurze Einführung zum Standort Europapark, den Baumbestand und seiner Geschichte (DI Heinz Blechl, Leiter der Abt. Stadtgarten)
- 14:20 h kurze Vorstellung des EU Projektes ALPTREES (Mag. Regine Hradetzky, Abt. Klima und Umweltschutz beim Magistrat der LH Klagenfurt am Wörthersee)
- 14:30 h Impulsreferat: Der Baum im Park, der Baum im Wald – unterschiedliche Funktionen und Wirkungen, Chancen und Risiken in Zeiten klimatischer Veränderung (DI Eckart Senitza, Büro Waldplan)
- anschließend Rundgang durch den Park und Vorstellung einzelner NNT-Arten und ihrer Besonderheiten
- Ende voraussichtlich ca. 16:30



D.C.3.2 TREE TALK - Maribor - 10th June 2021

“Tree Talk” event about Non-Native Trees, on 10th June 2021, at 15.30 in the Auditorium of the Puppet Theatre of Maribor.

In the framework of ALPTREES project we are organizing the event “Tree Talk” with experts for non-native and invasive trees, their spread in the city and forests as well as their usage.

Experts from Slovenian Forestry Institute, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation, Slovenian Forest Service and other stakeholders will present different points of view of non-native and invasive trees.



D.C.3.2. TREE TALK France Oct. 27th 2020

In the French TREE TALK various project were presented to the interested public. Projects to propose tree and shrub species in an urban environment in the particular climatic context of the Metz region were as well anticipated as Assessing and mapping hotspots of forest ecosystem services across the Alpine space to let know stakeholders where it would be better to keep forest currently because of its provided services.


D.C.3.2 TREE TALK Austria - Vienna, 27th February 2020

Our first ALPTREES TREE TALK was hosted in the traditional  Admiralkino in Vienna. Various experts shared the stage to bring the projects aims and scientific work.

Across to the general public as well as to experts and stakeholders