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What we strive for

Overall objective

BE-READI ALPS aims to define, test and model an Alpine Space innovative supporting system which valorises mutual competences, sets up bridges and cooperation channels, upgrades tools and soft skills with the goal to show through concrete pilots that an innovative approach is possible both to drive mature SMEs business model’s shift and to upscale the Alpine innovation ecosystem.


Main expected results

BE-READI ALPS aims to reshape at least 50 companies’ value chains, creating partnership with Alpine Space (AS) players such as financial investors, export managers, digital start-ups and R&D providers that could bring in investments or open up new possibilities for markets/products/processes.

The project will involve in the pilot 500 SMEs that will be supported in order to define a re-launching path. The goal is to demonstrate the impact of qualified AS trusted and skilled Points cooperating at transnational level using shared matching procedures, operative models and tools. The outputs, valorised and mainstreamed to be further exploited and sustained, will stimulate decision makers to launch strategic actions and joint operative agreements.


Project outputs

1) BE-READI Points Toolkit allows every Point to support companies with a comprehensive, modern and transnational approach overcoming the fragmentation of the current AS innovation ecosystem;

2) The publication Relaunch mature business in the Alpine Space: the BE-READI ALPS way showing the BE-READI journey with companies (at least 50 pilot cases) supported to re-shape their value chains;

3) Strategic Roadmap for AS Competitiveness: a political declaration including the results of the Open Tables discussion and a set of proposals to be implemented at macroregional level;

4) Accreditation process for BE-READI Points to qualify innovation support organisations acting in line with the BE-READI ALPS model.