Get "readi" to launch your second life!

The BE-READI Points Toolkit

BE-READI Points Toolkit allows every Point to support companies with a comprehensive, modern and transnational approach overcoming the fragmentation of the current AS innovation ecosystem. It provedes Business Support Organisations with useful tools to support SMEs.

Download the Toolkit here.

Relaunch mature business in the Alpine Space: the BE-READI ALPS way

The publication Relaunch mature business in the Alpine Space: the BE-READI ALPS way showing the BE-READI journey with companies (at least 50 pilot cases) supported to re-shape their value chains.

Download the Publication here.

The Network of the BE-READI Points

The established BE-READI Network is a collaborative Alpine Space network, organized at regional level and consisting of 25 host organizations established in the Alpine space area. Its primary target audience are European small and medium sized businesses interested in developing second life business ideas and engaging digital innovation. The Network has been integrated into the regional business and innovation support infrastructure, in order to cooperate efficiently with all relevant regional stakeholders, service providers and other European Networks.

For more information: Network of BE-READI Points

The BE-READI Alps Strategic Roadmap for Alpine Space competitiveness

During the project the main topics emerged in the BE-READI ALP pilot activity were  translated into the format of »Policy Dialogue« that were launched throughout the project life to deepen the topic of funding, digitalization, green transition, and Alpine Space cooperation.

In policy dialogue were involved stakeholders representing the quadruple helix (businesses, research, policy makers and society) trying to also mix representatives at regional, national and European level. The outcomes of these discussions are included in the BE-READI ALPS Whitepaper (enclosed as Annex) and condensed in the BE-READI Alps Strategic Roadmap for Alpine Space competitiveness as a set of proposals that the Alpine Space stakeholders are asked to translate in policy actions.

Download the Strategic Roadmap

Throwback - The Final Conference

During the final conference on May 5th 2022 the project leader Maria Sole D'Orazio (Veneto Innovazione) and the WP leaders presented the progress and the outputs of the project.