Get "readi" to launch your second life!


  • Project Closure: The Companies are READI

    The BE-READI ALSP project is closing and we look back at 33 month in which we supported SMEs from the Alpine Space to get readi and start their second life projects...

  • BE-READI ALPS: The Outputs

    Check out our project outputs and download our publications and results:

    The "BE-READI Point Toolkit", "Relaunch mature business in the Alpine Space: the BE-READI ALPS way", the "Strategic Roadmap to AS Competitiveness" and the "Accreditation Process of the BE-READI Points"

  • Five new BE-READI Points join the network

    The end of the project is approaching but that doesn't stop our network from growing: We welcome five new BE-READI Points so we can carry on our work in the future!

  • BE-READI ALPS Award Winner: ErgoPhysion

    Congratulations to our BE-READI ALPS Award Winner ErgoPhysion!