Get "readi" to launch your second life!

Become a BE-READI Point 

BE-READI ALPS is developing a working mode based on the mutual cooperation of the BE-READI Points.

A package of services has been developed and is used to serve companies that are involved in our pilot action. The results of the tests and experiences gathered together are shared and discussed in order to improve the tools and approach used to support mature companies that want to launch their second life project. See our video on YouTube to understand our focus.

To quickly start approaching companies following our methodology, we have developed the BE-READI Starter Kit, a set of easy-to-use tools and practices that allow other interested organisations to test our methodology by following our standardised process. If you are interested you can read the document where the tools are described.

We have also started to develop the first step of our monitoring system to collect data on our companies and to validate our services and tools. You can give a glance at it.

The BE-READI Points offer customised support to companies that have filled in the Expression of Interest and work together to help companies to find suitable matching with technology and innovation providers of our community and with fitting business partners. BE-READI Points, companies and providers interact virtually also through our Networking platform. To understand moreover how we work with potential providers you could have a look at our protocol with Providers.

Would you like to find out more and test the services and approach developed with us? Join the BE-READI network!

Download the Accreditation Package.

Here you can find a summary of the main information.