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BE-READI ALPS is a living lab that provides input from the pilot experience and could inspire our stakeholders (e.g. clusters, chambers of commerce, regional agencies, universities) and decision makers (local, regional and national level) to put in practice new actions and measures. We consistely connect to this aim with our Advisory Board  which includes many stakeholders and decision makers and locally we intraface with our stakeholders through our periodical BE-READI Breakfast (even in remote version) to inform about the ongoing activities.

With our decision makers, moreover, we regularly organise bilateral meetings and invite them to attend our Policy Table which is conceived as a discussion platform for stakeholders, policy shapers, analysts and local policy makers to discover and debate how to sustain the innovative development of mature SMEs.
The Policy Table is  in fact an interactive and moderated event (our facilitator is Michael Kaspar Keller) where specific cases or good practice, coming from the Partners regions, are shared to stimulate the following discussion among participants. 

The topics selected for each Policy Table follow the BE-READI main topics:

#1 How SMEs can be founded if they would like to launch second life projects:"Access to Finance: how to boost the competitiveness of innovative SMEs"
This event scheduled for March 5th 2020 was cancelled due to the Covid-19 sanitary emergency in Italy. 
The partnership anyway collected the cases in the following Input Paper

#2 How to support mature companies to launch new services / products through digitization: Digitalisation to help mature SMEs in launching second life projects"
This event was held in remote on October 7th 2020. The session has been recorded and below you can see the registration of the different speeches.
A  specific Paper has been issued collecting the examples/cases produced by the partnership on the topic as well as the input provided during the event.
Here you can find the synthesis of the event and the concerned presentations.

#3 How to support the transnational cooperation of innovative companies:"How to fund innovative projects in European SMEs"
This event was held in remote on May 16th 2021.  The event was structured in two sessions. The first one was introduced by 
Ms Nolwenn Simonot (BpiFrance) who presented Eureka as an example of possible transnational public funding; in second session  Ms Valérie Roché Melin (Région Sud investissement) introduced the topic "how to combine public and private funding to support innovation projects". The discussion among the nine panelists, animated by Michael Keller, was really inspiring and has been recorded and published on our YouTube channel (you can see also below). 
The main outcomes and discussion results have been collected in this Output Paper.

#4 How to boost the Alpine Space Green Transition: “TOWARD THE GREEN TRANSITION - An ecosystem ready to boost the business resilience”
The event was held in remote on March 24 2022. After the institutional opening welcome by the Mr Santo Romano, Director of the Economic Policies, human capital and Community planning Area and by Mr Roberto Marcato, Councillor for the Economic Development and Energy of the Veneto Region, Mr David Matzek-Lichtenstein (EC-DG Regio) presented the EU strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP). Ms Maria Sole D'Orazio (Veneto Innovazione-LP) shared some insights collected through the BE-READI ALPS pilot action. Afterwards the first panel was launched to talk about the Business and Ecosystem needs. The Councillor for the Economic Development, Research and Labour of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Mr Achille Spinelli presented the priorities on this topic in his area while dr. Jennifer Harper introduced the following discussion presenting  Multilevel strategies for business resilience. The second panel infact discussed the possible cooperation actions to be launched at policy level. The two panels were moderated by Professor Keller.
The main outcomes and discussion have been collected in this Output Paper. You can also see below the event videos published on our YouTube channel.




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Policy Table #3 - How to fund innovative projects in European SMEs?

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Policy Table #4 - TOWARD THE GREEN TRANSITION - An ecosystem ready to boost the business resilience

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The Final Conference - Panel Discussion with BE-READI ALPS Stakeholders

Competetiveness for SMEs in the Alpine Space