Get "readi" to launch your second life!




WP1 - BE-READI Points
  • O.T1.1.1  - BE-READI Points Toolkit 3.03 mb

    The BE-READI Points Toolkit enables - to gain an overview and follow the process, defining the tools and the phases to make the BE-READI Journey understandable for a new BE-READI Point; - new BSOs to use these or similar methodologies to provide effective support to companies when launching Second Life Project ideas; - to show what performed well and what could be improved; - to avoid mistakes and improve network efficiency and cooperation.

  • D.T1.1.1 BE-READI starter kit  0.78 mb

    The BE-READI Starter kit includes the digital and the methodological tools that have been chosen and developed to measure companies’ strengths and readiness from the financial, digital, innovation point of view

  • D.T1.4.1 BE-READI Tracking tool 0.58 mb

    The BE-READI Tracking tool is the first item of our monitoring system. It is the methodology BE-READI ALPS uses to track and combine the information collected during the „Diagnostic phase“ and the „Piloting action“ of the project in order to assess the quantitative and qualitative results achieved

  • D.T1.2.1 – BE-READI partners and channels 0.47 mb

    The document includes the Protocol for Providers’ Involvement and the list of the accredited providers (update July 2021)

  • D.T1.3.2 BE READI Microlearning for companies 0.26 mb

    The documenta presents the process of organizing webinars for companies as part of the BE-READI ALPS project training program, describing the organization process, the technologies used and the process of choosing the topics and speakers. It shares the experience of the project partners, the key results, take-aways and opportunities for improvement. All the webinars realised are published on the BE-READI ALPS YouTube channel

  • D.T1.3.1 BE READI Points Training Program 0.51 mb

    The document shares the organization process of the Train the Trainers seminars, the outcomes of such a process, the best practices, lessons learnt and opportunities for improvement. The TtT program is addressed to BE-READI Points

  • D.T1.4.1 “Quality System” 1.81 mb

    The report aims at assessing the results achieved by the BE-READI Points in terms of services offered to the companies, lessons learned, replicability of the proposed tool and multiplier effects of the Project addressed to new BE-READI Points. The monitoring activities concerned therefore a quantitative analysis (tracking tool already published) and a qualitative assessment of the services delivered both from the point of view of the BE-READI Points and the companies



WP2 - Companies are READI
  • D.T.2.3.2 - Relaunch Mature Businesses In The Alpine Space: The BE-READI ALPS Way 8.69 mb

    The publication shows the BE-READI Journey with companies supported to re-shape their value chains in the three main areas: matching, coaching, training

  • D.T2.1.1 - BE-READI Ideas Factory Reports 7.98 mb

    The document includes a general summary of the Ideas Factory format and the reports of the organised events

  • D.T2.1.2 – BE-READI Digithons Reports 4.96 mb

    The document includes a general summary of the Digithon format and concept and the reports of the three Digithons organised


    The BE-READI investors day took place on November 30th 2021.  This online event, which included both a conference and an e-pitching session, was an opportunity to discuss ways to foster cross borders investments in Europe and to put the topic of discussion into practice by giving six promising European SMEs the chance to present their projects to a panel of European investors. This document in particular sums up the main outcomes emerged from the conference where seven investors located all across the Alpine Space Area and neighboring areas (Belgium) addressed several topics with regards to cross-borders investments.

  • D.T2.2.1 Companies readiness analysis 0.95 mb

    This document is primarily intended to help to understand the needs of SME to successfully launch a second life project in the Alpine Space region by providing them services most beneficial for the directly and indirectly indicated needs. The more the SMEs already meet the necessary criteria to start a second life project, the more likely they are to be "ready" to start the process and be successful in launching it.

  • D.T2.3.1 “Kick Off Your Second Life” 9.83 mb

    This report depicts this respective journey of BE-READI companies during the project period from entering the BE-READI ALPS project until “Kicking off their second life”. It gathers all the Agreements (BE-READI Journeys) signed by the companies which has received a full support from the BE-READI Points



WP3 - Alpine Space is READI
  • D.T.3.3.1 BE-READI Accreditation system 0.94 mb

    The document includes the BE-READI Network description, the working mode, the accreditation procedures with the templates to be filled in by wannabe BE-READI Points and the Code of Conduct

  • D.T3.1.1 BE-READI Alps White Paper 1.61 mb

    Within the BE-READI Alps project four Policy Tables took place from 2020 until 2022. The topics those policy dialogues focussed on were Access to Finance, Digitalisation, How to fund innovative projects in European SMEs Pand Toward a Green Transition – An ecosystem ready to boost the business resilience. Within these Policy Tables numerous experts, policy makers, business support organisations and business representatives gave their insights on the previously named topics. The Paper includes all the outcomes of the Policy discussions and the good practice cases collected by the partnership

  • D.T3.2.2 BE-READI ALPS Award 1.5 mb

    The partners of BE-READI ALPS launched an Award “Looking for the Alpine Champion”. This activity was specifically planned to promote the experiences of companies that have succeeded in their BE-READI journey demonstrating that the mutual cooperation in the Alpine Space area is real a boost to enhance business competitiveness.This document summaries the whole Award process, including the organizational steps needed till the winner was announced

  • O.T3.2 Network of accredited BE-READI Points 0.45 mb

    The established BE-READI Network is a collaborative Alpine Space network, organized at regional level and consisting of 25 host organizations established in the Alpine space area. Its primary target audience are European small and medium sized businesses interested in developing second life business ideas and engaging digital innovation. The Network has been integrated into the regional business and innovation support infrastructure, in order to cooperate efficiently with all relevant regional stakeholders, service providers and other European Networks.

  • O.T3.1 BE-READI Alps Strategic Roadmap for Alpine Space competitiveness 2.02 mb

    This document presents a set of proposals to be implemented at a macroregional level gathered during the discussions with decision makers and stakeholders in the frame of the BE-READI Open Tables.