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BE-READI ALPS will use multiple approaches to involve its target groups and stakeholders, which are mainly aimed at their direct participation during multiple events and initiatives and – most importantly – at their involvement during critical phases of the project’s implementation.

General communication tasks (media work, international events, open innovation initiatives, visual and digital tools) are part of Work Package Communication (WP C). In order to create a wide network that can profit from the Alpine Space innovative ecosystem, the project will benefit from the support of journalists and media to corroborate its intensive awareness marketing campaign.

The purpose is to get companies involved in the BE-READI ALPS community, receiving targeted information, diagnostic services, mentorship, being connected with investors and technical partners (or clients in the case of start-ups) located in the Alpine Space.

This powerful activity will be condensed also in the publication “Relaunch mature business in the Alpine Space: the BE-READI ALPS way” to demonstrate that even mature and traditional SMEs could be re-launched if properly supported.

The project offers different international events, open to the public and all interested parties: 12 BE-READI Breakfasts, 11 Ideas Factory, 3 Digithon and one BE-READI Investors Day.

To conclude, external communication will be established through different approaches that aim at making the project known and identifiable both to the general public and to the more specific groups of stakeholders addressed. These are:

  • Alpine SMEs and mature companies,
  • local, regional and national public authorities,
  • digital providers and
  • business support organization




Press Material

Press releases (D.C.2.3)


Press articles



These are information on the project activities announced in external project's newsletters. Project partners have sent information, press releases and invitations to external sources that have relaunched them through their newsletters.


Press Interviews


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Video Interviews (D.C.3.1)

Short interviews filmed to collect entrepreneurs', experts' and providers' insights valuable to be shared in the BE-READI ALPS

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