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The BE-READI ALPS Award: Looking for the Alpine Champion

BE-READI ALPS supported a lot of interesting companies as they developed and grew their second life projects. Now we want to acknowledge all these projects and the work that went into them. Therefore, the BE-READI ALPS partners gave the BE-READI ALPS Award for the best BE-READI Journey and present the Alpine Champion.

The Procedure

Until April 9th, the BE-READI Points nominated the best BE-READI Journeys between all SMEs. They were the companies which
          - have had the best BE-READI Journey or
          - were the most innovative 

Until April 21st a jury (Veneto Innovazione, aws, SAT, risingSUD) took a thorough look at the Journey Agreements of all nominated companies and decided on the best 5 companies based on:
          - involvement in the BE-READI Project (partcipation in events, 
             webinars, matching etc.)
          - focus points Digitalization, Internationalization, Innovation,
             Alternative Finance
          - scope of the project idea

Those 5 companies then pitched at the final event on May 5th about their company and what they did within BE-READI ALPS (live or online). All participants of the final event could then vote for their favourite company. 

Congratulations to ERGOPHYSION - our new Alpine Champion! They were the company with the most online votes at the event won the BE-READI AWARD.



The Price

The winner got a paid LinkedIn campaign that helps to boost their project or company and disseminate it further to a large audience.
(worth about 2.000 €)

The Finalists

Here you find the 5 finalists that will pitch their BE-READI Journey during the Final Conference of the BE-READI ALPS project on May 5th

          - KEMANJI
             Kemanji is a small Italian company which developed Appeaty, a smartphone application that allows clients to scroll restaurants' menu in advance,
            in different languages, to pre-order the meal with no waste of time and food.

          - HANNES HUBER
             Hannes Huber is a manufacturer of premium luxury hygiene solutions, that combines handcraft manufacture with design to offer elegant
            hygiene products.

          - FACTUMEVENT
FACTUMEVENT organises events at the highest level, professionally and according to the client's wishes. Their latest developed
igitalisation tool supports the organisation of virtual events.

 Riccardo Longato Srl is focused on establishing new partnerships with other countries and improve its internationalization, in order to
             consolidate its tests on gears and to set up a new cooperation agreement to add value to its own activities and know-how.

          - ERGOPHYSION
              ErgoPhysion developed Tension Terminator, a certified therapy medical product for self-application directly at the workplace. Its vision is to
             eliminate tension pain independently, quickly, 
effectively and sustainably.

Watch the video of the pitches of these 5 companies:


Agenda of the final conference: