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The BE-READI investors day took place on November 30th 2021. This online event, which included both a conference and an e-pitching session, was an opportunity to discuss ways to foster cross-borders investments in Europe and to put the topic of discussion into practice by giving six promising European SMEs the chance to present their projects to a panel of European investors. 


During the conference, seven investors located all across the Alpine Space Area (France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland) and neighbouring areas (Belgium) addressed several topics with regards to cross-borders investments, such as the actions of their own organisations, the regulation issues and potential solutions, as well as the role of technologies (especially in the middle of a pandemic).  


During the e-pitching session, 6 SMEs from the Alpine Space Region presented their ambitious development projects to foreign investors: Telaqua, Centiloc, Fleet Energies, Robota, Xegate, Quality Chain. These 6 SMEs were selected among 24 SMEs by EuroQuity, after applying though an Expression of Interest. One of them had to withdraw and was replaced by the first one in the back-up list. They gained advice from fundraising experts to improve its pitch (after a dry-run pitch), as well as the publication of an online profile in the EuroQuity platform dedicated to the matchmaking between investors and companies. During the BE-READI investors day, each company had 5 minutes for the presentation, and 3 minutes to answer questions.  



“Cross-borders investments in Europe : Already a reality or a goal for the Future?”  


European Investment Market is characterized by fragmented capital markets, smaller funds and smaller finance rounds compared to the US Investment Market, which is why the best European startups are typically poached from US Investors (fostering innovation there). Many barriers within Europe make it difficult for cross-borders investments in Europe



The aim of the conference is to understand the activities in the field of investments, investment strategies as well as the experiences made in cross-borders investments within Europe by the speakers and the resulting recommendations for the future to further foster them


To check out the outputs of the conference, read the Investors Day Report. 

If you want to know more about how to access finance for a (second life) project as an SME or start-up, check out our input paper on that topic that contains different case studies.