Get "readi" to launch your second life!

The process with companies

Goal toward companies: To pilot innovative methodologies and transnational matching solutions toward SMEs to accompany the launch of second life projects.

Who can benefit:

  • companies who have innovative ideas but lack the internal capacity to develop them;
  • companies which have stubborn challenges for which an outsider’s perspective could provide a breakthrough (e.g. ones where traditional experts in a field have not been able to solve a challenge with existing methods);
  • companies which want to solicit feedback and ideas from a large number of internal employees (e.g. bringing to light inefficiencies which leadership would not be aware of);
  • companies which want a structured system to manage a funnel of ideas and projects (e.g. when thousands of potential ideas need to be evaluated and budgets/resources need to be assigned);
  • companies which want to allow external parties/consumers to suggest improvements to existing products or entirely new products;
  • in general, all those companies that want to create new partnerships and exploit new channels!


What we offer:

  • Company's needs assessment in terms of business and financial readiness;
  • Participation to interregional events such as Ideas Factory, Digithon and Investors' Day;
  • Professional and integrated company's profile preparation to initiate matching activities with digital and innovation providers, start-ups, technology centres and professional consultants;
  • Coaching service in order to analyse and evaluate the feasibility of company's "second life" plans;
  • Support in finding suitable investors and financial opportunities to launch innovative projects.


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