• CHEERS @ Klimatag 2019 in Wien

    Our Austrian partners of BFW Austrian Research Centre for Forests presented CHEERS at the 20th Austrian Climate Day (Klimatag).

  • CHEERS in the ASP newsletter - #MadewithAlpineSpace #MadewithInterreg

    CHEERS is listed and mentioned in the last Alpine Spaces Programme newsletter as one of the projects that develop new and innovative solutions in the fields of Alpine architecture and cultural heritage.

  • Third Partners Meeting - Idrjia, Slovenia – May 6-8

    Next May 6-8, the third project meeting will take place in Idrija (Slovenia), an alpine town known for its mercury mine that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012. The event will be hosted by the Mercury Heritage Management Centre.

  • A Poster about Cheers project @ ANRN 2019

    French Partners took part in the 4th National Conference on Natural Risks (ANRN 2019) in Montpellier. During the two-days event a Poster about Cheers have been presented

  • FRANCE – The first local meeting between Partners and Observers

    French partners have gathered today in Marseille for the first local meeting of CHEERS. Observers have been invited to join the partners activities.