• CHEERS at ERSA web conference on 25/08/2020

    Our Project Manager Giulia Pesaro presents CHEERS at ERSA Web Conference 2020.

  • Knowledge base on natural hazard mapping in the Alpine area

    The deliverable “Knowledge base on natural hazard mapping in the Alpine area” provides an overview of the different mapping sources and methodology approaches for addressing the selected natural hazards.

  • The 5th CHEERS Partners' meeting online

    The upcoming partners’ meeting will take place online on 29th-30th June 2020. 
    This is an opportunity for discussion and further development of the project to which all stakeholders are warmly invited, who this time will be able to easily connect from their workstations.
  • Cheers video is on air!

    In a short animated sequence, the video offers a summary of the motivations and importance of the project for the protection of the cultural heritage of the Alps in the face of emergencies caused by natural disasters. And underline the importance of a network of experts to face the challenge.

  • Follow us on YouTube

    A Youtube channel has been created to collect and share know-how, points of view and opinions of experts and stakeholders throughout the whole project life.