• The Seven Elements of the Circular Economy

    Project partner Umweltcluster Bayern (UCB) hosts webinar series on „Seven Elements of the Circular Economy“

  • Local workshops addressed to investors and financial operators

    CIRCULAR4.0 workshops on investors organised by risingSUD

  • First Circularity Acceleration Training completed with first projects to lead circular innovation of SMEs across the Alpine Space…!

    It worked out...! SMEs are engaging with the circularity innovation. We are happy to share with you that first participants have just made it through the Circularity Acceleration Training.

  • Circular4.0 Study Visits: Train a trainer

    Last February TUAS - Circular4.0 partner - organised a train-the trainer with EU CE team.

  • Latin American and Caribbean Days 2021

    As part of the Bled Strategic forum Slovenia is co-hosting a meeting with the Latin American and Carribean countries this week.

    In the  22nd of April panel discussion Rudi Panjtar from IJS will be presenting research opportunities at JSI and business opportunities in SRIP Factories of the future, including a short presentation of the work being done in the scope of the Circular 4.0 project in the Alpine region in domain of circular/digital and opportunities for collaboration of the LAS countries with the AS project partners from the Alpine region in circular economy.