• TorinoWireless Success case: SAMEC Srl

    Small automation Machinery Manufacturing company from Piedmont, specialized in the manufacturing of End-of-Arm Tooling Systems for Robot Grips, and Modular Tooling Systems for Transfer Press in the automation industry

  • Confindustria Bergamo Success Case: Sangalli S.p.A.

    Sangalli S.p.A. is a top players nationwide for the design and implementation of road works, urban planning and road signs.

  • CCIAA Venezia Rovigo Success case: CALDO SYSTEM TM

    Easytech has developed CALDO SYSTEM TM, the first dynamic release electric heater The primary focus was to create a system capable of responding effectively and efficiently to the new energy challenges that the world is offering us, lowering consumption and eliminating the problems of traditional hydronic systems.

  • Umweltcluster Bayern Success case: SEBA Hydrometrie

     A frontrunner with a Circular Business Model already in place.

  • risingSUD Success case: France Construction

    France Construction designs and produces damping materials to cover all the risks in playgrounds, gyms, shooting ranges or industry since 1997.