Main objective of WP Communication is to achieve target groups with key messages from project results: the added value of digitalisation for CE processes by SMEs, the different CE approaches to be taken into consideration (Circular design Models, Optimal use models, Value recovery models), the way to implement these approaches through digitalisation, the dissemination of the main outputs, the involvement of Intermediaries, stakeholders and policy makers raising their knowledge on the project topics and contribute to influence their attitude to them. This overall objective will be achieved with the activities described below that are summarised as follows: start-up activities (A.C.1) including the management of the project web-site with news and information to be disseminated; the role of VI is crucial and will benefit from all PPs collaboration; pubblication (A.C.2) that will consist of one project leaflet to be used for all events to promote the Project and the Success cases Brochure that will be the outcome of the evaluation made by the Evaluation committee after the Pilot Action; both activities, under VI coordination, will see the strong involvment and contributes by all PPs; Public events (A.C.3) consisting of regional events addressed to innovation stakeholders and Public actors and the Final event open to all target groups; Partners are in charge to organize the events (2 for each project area; totally 26) and participate to the final event in Ljubljana, organized by LP and JSI jointly; Promotional ativities (A.C.4) consisting on a a number of actions (participation to EU, national and transnational events, spread of news with
newsletters, elaboration of press releases and organization of press conferences, elaboration of articles on the main outputs, exhibition tour in all areas to promote success cases) where all PPs will be involved and responsible; organization of the exhibition tour: CCIAA VE RO responsible. Digital activities (A.C.5) all PPs cooperation


Start-up activities

Communication start-ups activities' main objective is to define the overall frame of communication in which key messages, target users, communication means and relevant tools will be elaborated and implemented. The CIRCULAR4.0 communication strategy (included the internal project communication plan), the organization and the maintenance of the project web-site, together with the proper graphic image and the realization of the necessary communication tools (roll-ups and posters) .


CIRCULAR 4.0 will develop proper publication to support the communication strategy: the leaflet elaborated and available from the beginning that will support all dissemination events; the success cases brochure even in the form of web-page that will sum-up the success cases from the local pilots implemented.

Public Event(s)

The promotion of Circular Economy and the added value of the SMEs digitalisation for sustainable growth and new jobs will be at the core of the communication activities organized. The workshops will be addressed to innovation stakeholders, to regional actors and open to all interested parties: regional, national and transnational dimension of these events will assure necessary collaboration and transnational dimension from one side and the strengthening of local relationships on the other.

Promotional activities

Circular Economy and Digitalisation addressed to SMEs are well-known topics for EU and Alpine Institutions.CIRCULAR4.0 will harmonize information and share results and contents with these institution.The transfer to the users of these contents will be supported by newsletters, media and newspapers news and dedicated articles to be published on publication.Success cases from pilot action become an exhibition tour that partners will use to further disseminate CIRCULAR4.0 results to a wider targets.

D.C.4.4 Articles

Digital activities

The social networks will support the communication activities because they will help CIRCULAR4.0 to reach specific CE target
groups or address special message through appropriate profile (entrepreneurs and public authorities mainly). VENINN will
manage the regular update of social network with news and contents coming from the project activities.

CIRCULAR4.0 on Facebook

CIRCULAR4.0 on Linkedin

D.C.5.1 Social profile set-up and maintenance

Social network profiles are set-up and/or linked to running and popular profiles on the topics: Linkedln and FB are