T2.1.1 CIRCULAR4.0 toolkit

Circular 4.0 has created an easy toolkit to assess your company and see how circular your SME is.

The toolkit is free and it offers:

Assess your level of digital technology readiness and commitment or assess the level of maturity and commitment of target firms for circular transformation

Training modules for intermediary organisations (operators) providing knowledge and skills needed for understanding key circular economy principles, the application of the digital technologies and assessing company’s investment opportunities.


Modular training course as a tool for SMEs to be delivered by the operators. CAT4.0 is designed to steer and facilitate the circular transformation by deployment of digital technologies.




T3.1.1 Local actions addressed to SMEs to foster CE with digitalisation processes

All partners have realised a local pilot action basing on maturity assessment check and the identification of the company innovation needs.

T3.2.1 Enterprise cooperating with research institution to foster CE with digitalisation

CIRCULAR4.0 explains the methodology followed to assist SMEs for technology innovation and gves an overview of the assistance provided to SMEs