CoNSENSo - COmmunity Nurse Supporting Elderly iN a changing SOciety

Home is a better place to grow old

Preparing for healthy & independent ageing at home

All over the world people are living longer and as far as possible they prefer to grow old in their own homes. However, this is not always easy. Homes suitable for an active 60 year old are often not adapted for an older person in their mid-70s due to for example, stairs or a bath rather than a shower, which increase the risk of falls. As we get older we are also more prone to illnesses which if they are not cared for correctly can result in physical decline and vulnerability.

Without careful planning and support, for the older person, whose children may well have moved away, the possibility to stay at home becomes more limited. Many good support services for senior citizens run by associations and social services exist, but there is limited coordination between them and local health services. In addition certain geographical areas suffer from poor access to public health and social services. The Alpine area characterises this particularly well with rural Alpine valleys that are often isolated and difficult to reach.

The project, which runs for 36 months starting in December 2015, expects to create the right conditions to improve health and life quality of senior citizens in the Alpine Space enabling them to stay at home as long as possible.