CoNSENSo - COmmunity Nurse Supporting Elderly iN a changing SOciety

Home is a better place to grow old

CoNSENSo: Innovating to provide better health & social care for senior citizens in the Alpine Space

The aim of the CoNSENSo project is to develop a care model that puts the elderly at the centre of health and social care, building on the crucial role of the Family and Community Nurse: a key person to help and support the daily activities of the elderly and their families. The Family Community Nurse would form the link between the different health and social worlds, facilitating a 3-way dialogue (Elderly person – Health services – Social services), organising appropriate social services, like a home help or ready prepared meals, contacting doctors if a health problem is suspected and providing advice on how to adapt the home environment.

This new model of health & social care will be tested during the project in 5 pilot regions through

  • providing dedicated training for nurses
  • evaluating the benefits of the model in zones with diverse territorial challenges, compared to areas not using the model
  • working on how to make the care model sustainable in the different countries