CoNSENSo - COmmunity Nurse Supporting Elderly iN a changing SOciety

Home is a better place to grow old

Digital tools to facilitate the project development

Supported by Accademia Nazionale di Medicina (ACCMED),  a no profit scientific association acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, active in the fields of continuous professional education and knowledge spread in medicine, public health and biomedical research, the project has developed tools to facilitate the implementation of the training aspects and the pilot activities.

Development of an APP to collect the CoNSENSo data

The CoNSENSo  app was launched in December 2016 and tested for some months at the beginning of 2017 by all users, in order to correct bugs and refine the final version. After some meetings and debates with the App users (nurses, tutors etc.), underlining the pros and cons faced during the experimental phase on the field, ACCMED altered slightly the logic of the software and modified the database structure to meet new emerging needs.

Now the ultimate release of the App has been delivered, in order to allow users (nurses, tutors) an advanced data collection device to be applied during visits to older persons.

Here is a short report about users and records saved into the project remote server, up until October 2017:

  • 32 front-end users (A: 7; I: 15; F: 2; SLO: 8)
  • 5 test users
  • 13 back-end users
  • 4.126 older persons (A: 312; I: 1.376; F: 823; SLO: 1.705)
  • 5.439 visits (A: 1.287; I: 2.297; F: 827; SLO: 1.028)
  • 2.595 individual action plans (A: 269; I: 715; F: 816; SLO: 795)
  • 2.998 interviews (A: 280; I: 1095; F: 826; SLO: 797)
  • 910 closing interviews (A: 12; I: 165; F: 516; SLO: 217)

E-learning platform for the training activities

An e-learning platform for the continuous training of the family and community nurses throughout the project has been set-up. It can be found at the following address: