CoNSENSo - COmmunity Nurse Supporting Elderly iN a changing SOciety

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  • CoNSENSo project newsletter n°3 available

    Have a look at the latest edition (December 2017) of the CoNSENSo project newsletter. It is now available giving an update on the latest project activiteis.

  • Partner technical meeting: CoNSENSo model evaluation

    Some of the project partners working together on the CoNSENSo regional pilots got together on 8th and 9th November at the Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (IRSSV) in Ljubljana in order to start the evaluation process of the new social and healthcare model the CoNSENSo partners are implementing locally.

  • Interview with Paola Obbia, RN ASLCN1 Regione Piemonte; Lecturer in the Nursing Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences, University of Turin, Italy

    Paola Obbia is a fully trained nurse and teacher and has been working on the CoNSENSo project since the beginning. Her contribution focuses on work package 2. Find out more on her vision of the project through this interview. 

  • 2nd Italian Social business training session

    2nd day of the training, with the Community & Family Nurses, on Social Business Planning & Budget Impact Analysis in Turin, Regione Piemonte, Italy.

  • Social Business Training in Italy

    The Social Business training is now underway in Italy, the first session took place on 3rd October in Turin (Italy) with the Family & Community Nurses working in Regione Piemonte and in Regione Liguria.