DEAS - Newsletter N.2
Raising knowledge and ability to exploit Open Data by public and private  actors

DEAS partners are organising training and capacity building activities acting at different levels, which are preparatory to the pilot actions:

  • addressed to SMEs and start-ups to raise entrepreneurial opportunities and trigger new initiatives from OD;
  • addressed to intermediaries/service providers to work with new potential entrepreneurs and users.
  • addressed to Public Actors to facilitate the exploitation of OD/LOD;


This newsletter focuses on the study visits aimed at promoting local entrepreneurial, service providers and financial instruments good practices concerning the exploitation of OD with services on the three main DEAS topics TOURISM/CULTURE, MOBILITY and ENVIRONMENT.

The participation is recommended to project partners and members of DEAS working groups


The project  areas/partners in charge with the organisation are:

  • 9th June 2021 – STUDY VISIT ON MOBILITY – Slovenia (City of Ljubljana and Technology Park Ljubljana)
  • 11th June 2021 – STUDY VISIT ON TOURISM– Piedmont (City of Vercelli, CSI Piemonte)
  • 15th and 16th June 2021 – STUDY VISIT ON ENVIRONMENT – Austria (SFG and Biz-Up)

City of Ljubljana and Technology Park Ljubljana organise an on-line study visit, on the 9th June 2021 with the aim to raise the knowledge and capacity to exploit OD / LOD by the public and private sectors within the field of mobility. The Slovenian Open Data ecosystem will be performed through presentations of the national Open Data portal by Ministry of Public Administration as well as through activities using Open Data in Mobility by City of Ljubljana. Furthermore City of Rijeka (Croatia), City of Konstanz  (Germany), and RISC Software GmbH  (Austria) will present Open Data mobility usecases. The second part of the study tour will be carried out as good practice presentation where Ljubljana Public Transport, Service autolog, Vizualization of Open Data in mobility, Hackathon solutions and Technology path of Slovenian inventions are presented.

Program of the study visit

OPEN DATA POLICIES AND EXPERIENCES IN PIEDMONT – Online study visit on tourism – 11/06/2021

DEAS partners Vercelli municipality and CSI Piemonte will present local experiences, case studies and opportunities of Open Data Exploitation in the Tourism and Culture sector. Fondazione Torino Musei will show data-driven opportunities for improving user experience and services for cultural heritage, while Synapta will illustrate entrepreneurial case studies of Open Data valorisation in the cultural sector: competences, projects, opportunities and issues in developing business by exploiting OD.

Program of the study visit

OPEN DATA DAYS AUSTRIA – online study visit on environment -15-16/06/2021

The two project partners  SFG and  Biz-up joined forces to have a more powerful approach on OD. In order to  raise knowledge national wide to produce, use and exploit Open Data, to reach more SMEs in Austria, not only in Styria and Upper Austria and to collect a bigger network joining the Open Data Days and supporting the future DEAS pilot actions, following the study visit two training sessions were organized.

During DEAS Open Data Days various promising applications of Open Data will be presented. Success stories from business leaders shall inspire participants to get support from the community and plan advantages with a knowledge advantage in open data.

Up for discussion are the use of data in the environmentally friendly and efficient disposal of medical waste or the prevention of flooding through the intelligent measurement of water levels.

Program of the study visit

Data Week- online event 25/27 May 2021

The spring gathering of the European Big Data and Data-Driven AI research and innovation community took place from 25th to the 27th of May. The event follows the tradition of the Big Data Value Summit, promoting opportunities, knowledge sharing and fostering Big Data and Data-Driven AI ecosystem development. 

The 2021 edition  highlighted Horizon Europe and Digital Europe Programme funding possibilities and gave visibility to a large number of European research and innovation initiatives and projects throughout the field.

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