Data Economy Alps Strategy to stimulate participation competitiveness and new business in Alpine Space


D.T1.1.3 Setting-up local working group of actors (4 helix) interested to DE and LOD/OD exploitation

D.T1.2.1 Report on the Data quality standards of OD LOD platforms mapped and possible harmonization needs

D.T1.2.2 Report on strengthening the availability of good OD/LOD for Alpine Space Actors 

DT1.3.2 Report on local working groups to analyse need & expectations and their selection and DT1.4.2 Report on local working graups meetings

D.T1.3.3 Report on analysis of competence required by intermediaries to support OD/LOD exploitation

D.T1.4.1 Report on the perspective of the Data Economy in AS with reference to mobility, environment and tourism & culture

D.T1.4.3 DEAS Methodology to exploit OD/LOD for innovative services & products on mobility, environment, tourism and culture

D.T2.1.1 DEAS Platform release

D.T2.1.2 Report on agreement established with OD/LOD providers

D.T2.2.1: Marketability of OD/LOD (for citizens, students, etc)

D.T2.2.2: Guideline for service design with OD addressed to Public Actors

D.T2.2.3: Guideline to promote concrete application

D.T2.2.4: Guideline to promote disruptive innovation with OD

O.T2.2: DEAS Toolkit to support OD/LOD exploitation 

D.T2.4.1 Report on setting-up 3 Transnational Working Groups on Mobility, Tourism-Culture and Environment

D.T2.4.2 Report on 3 Alpine service concepts on mobility, environment and tourism-culture to increase DE in Alpine Space

D.T3.1.1 Report on working groups meeting to elaborate the local pilot action plans

D.T3.2.1 Development of APIS for mobility

D.T3.2.2 Development of APIS for environment

D.T3.2.3 Development of APIS for tourism

D.C3.1 Presentation of DEAS project during HIGHTECH SUMMIT 2020

D.C3.2 – Participation at sectorial events external to DEAS

D.C3.3 National workshops addressed to policy makers

D.C4.1: Newsletter

D.C4.2: Press conference and press release

D.C4.3 Articles