Data Economy Alps Strategy to stimulate participation competitiveness and new business in Alpine Space

Process with SMEs

SMEs and start-ups will benefit of Application Programming Interface (API) that will allow the access to good quantity and quality of Open Data(OD) available for the development of innovative services on the strategic sectors of mobility/transport, tourism&culture and environment.  DEAS Platform, APIs and new services&products will be main outcome of DEAS Project.

Additionally, SMEs and start-ups will be involved via a bottom-up approached (transnational working groups) to support the definition of the kind of competence required by the institutions in charge to assist them.

Process with intermediary organizations and service Providers

Local agencies, private experts, etc will be involved in the project both to increase their competence and to assist user for the exploitation of Open Data. Thanks to a toolset and a training package, the competence of Partners’ employees and other agencies to assist SMEs and start-ups will be increased. The impact of OD exploitation on business models, marketing strategies and financial&funding opportunities will be trained and a toolset able to provide necessary instruments to assist users will contribute to the transition to the Data Economy in the Alpine Area.

All actors involved with the activities will invited to join the working groups that will support the project and will be invited to join the DEAS Federation, to continue working on OD exploitation and to assist users for concrete innovations addressed to services and products. 

Process with Public Actors and Policy makers

Data Economy and particularly Open Data shall be seen as an opportunity for growth and for improving living conditions. DEAS Project will contribute to raise the knowledge and the awareness by Public Actors and will provide them with necessary instruments to plan dedicated financial schemes to support local actions and to strengthen the impact of the Data Economy in the Alpine Space area. Public actors will be involved through local working groups and will be addressed by training activities and co-creation processes.

DEAS overall objective

DEAS aims:

  • at strengthening the value of exploiting OD availability for increasing innovation with new products addressed to public
  • services and businesses,
  • at raising competitiveness of the AS area and its digitalization process contributing to the Alpine Space Policy Strategy on Data Economy.
  • at strengthening the cooperation between public and private actors working in the Data Economy, particularly Open Data, to exploit their potentials in terms of innovation and growth and contribute to implement S3 and relate 2020+ local development plans

Main expected results

DEAS ecosystem implements jointly disruptive products and digital services addressed to customers and citizens and contributes as follow:

  1. Public administrations will be supported in the implementation of their e-government strategies efficiently boosting new services/business which better match the needs of citizen, visitors (tourists) and entrepreneurs;
  2. Intermediaries and service provides will better understand and exploit the opportunity of the Data Economy, to stimulate private sectors in using Open Data and to support them in a more profitable way fostering the competitiveness of the area and alpine companies;
  3. 160 SMEs & start-up will be assisted in better exploiting the available OD/LOD through transnational Application Programming Interface (APIs) to develop new service/products on environment, mobility and tourism&culture to get access to new markets and better meet customers ‘needs.

DEAS main outputs

DEAS will produce:

  1. Alpine Space Methodology to exploit Open Data application: a) analysis of existing OD/LOD data set; b) identification via co-creation of new relevant OD on territorial needs; c) raise quality of collected OD;
  2. Platform collecting EU/regional OD and working with Application Programming Interface: a) integration of existing or new generated OD according to the sectors selected, actors ‘needs and alpine peculiarities
  3. Toolkit to support the provision of services addressed to the quadruple helix to raise awareness and competitiveness and to attract investment via a) matchmaking between demand & solutions with Application Programming Interface (API) developed on mobility, environment, tourism&culture; b) pilots to create new service and products assisting SMEs, start-ups, researchers;
  4. DEAS Strategy for OD/LOD exploitation to boost Data economy in AS for the policy makers and stakeholders (OP ERDF 2020+ AS Digital Agenda, Data Economy, etc),
  5. DEAS Federation to assure durability of DEAS Platform and follow-up actions