e-Mobility Smart Grid For Passengers and Last Mile Freight Transport in the Alpine Space

Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico (IT)

RSE  - Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico - S.p.A. is a public company that operates the research into the field of energy and electrical energy; it operates on national and European strategic projects. This activity covers the entire supply system with an application-oriented, experimental and system-based approach. RSE has a unique heritage of human resources, experience and innovation, essential to the continuity and revival of innovation in this important sector for the country. Since 2009, RSE has been performing research activities on e-mobility in order to support public administration, policy makers and regulatory agency. This research is particularly focused on the issue of the effect of e-mobility on the electric system, in a smart grid approach, but it also covers environmental aspect, by LCA approach, technical contribution on batteries and communication protocols. More recently, RSE is involved in testing V2G (Vehicle to grid) in its testing facilities, in collaboration with major international players, in order to quantify the contribution of e-mobility to electric grid flexibility need.

Regione Piemonte (IT)

Regione Piemonte is a regional public body that has among its main functions the definition of policies and guidelines for the government, development and protection of its territory. In particular, with regard to the issues of interest of the project, environment, transport and energy, Regione Piemonte approved in March 2019 the Regional Air Quality Plan and in January 2018 the Regional Mobility and Transport Plan. Both plans indicate sustainable mobility as one of the main pillars for the development of the territory with particular reference to electric mobility for local public transport and freight transport in urban areas.
The role of Regione Piemonte in the e-SMART project is to contribute to the definition of the road map to increase electric services for mobility in SMART alpine area and transferring it to the regional planning process, fostering its implementation among local authorities. Regione Piemonte is currently working on public transport aspects renewing the fleet and assessing a proper charging network.

Veneto Strade (IT)

Veneto Strade spa is a public equivalent body, funded in 2001 by Veneto Region and other public shareholders.  Our core business is the maintenance and management of the almost 2'000 km Regional Roads network. We have gained various specific experiences over the years in the EU projects implementation, both transnational and cross-border, in the role of Project Partners and we represent one of the main ones regional stakeholders with whom the transport and infrastructure sector is associated. Among the main tasks, there is the organization of a modern road system, that acts as a support system for the overall development of the Region, inside a policy aimed at guaranteeing efficiency, safety and sustainability in territorial changes. Within this role, a rigorous and continuous synergistic dialogue is constantly implemented with the other institutional stakeholders, with particular reference to the Veneto Region and to the infrastructure managers connected to roads and transport.

The Smart City Association Italy (IT)

The Smart City Association Italy (TSCAI) wants to support the cities and their partners in the process of building together a sustainable and innovative growth program. We want to use an ecosystems approach to identify needs and develop solutions and services. For this purpose we support public and private partnership for smart services design and implementation.

TSCAI is a place where build together and share neutral guidelines and digital readiness assessment tools; where to be supported for initial and neutral orchestration meeting.
We want to improve our knowledge working together with our members through tailored events, meeting and workshops. We also support education working together for internship and thesis.

Business Support Center Kranj, Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska (SI)

As Regional development agency, since 1995, covering 18 local communities, BSC is acting as a link between regional stakeholders and state responsible for preparation and implementation of the regional development program and implementation of key strategic development priorities confirmed and agreed by regional development council and council of mayors. BSC has qualified and experienced staff having knowledge in EU management, projects, including renewable topics.

Automotive cluster of Slovenia (SI)

The GIZ ACS founded in 2001 with the aim of combining Slovenian suppliers with the automotive industry and motor vehicle manufacturers to enhance their competitive ability, thereby increas­ing added value and strengthening the competitiveness of the entire economy. From the very beginning, great attention was paid to the creation of an internal orga­nization and the involvement of existing and new ACS members, as well as the international visibility of both the association and its members. Today, we pay the grea­test attention to creating new business opportunities for members, quality interconnections between ACS mem­bers, developing the cluster concept and international implementation.

Pôle Véhicule du Futur (FR)

Pole Véhicule du Futur (PVF) is one of the leading French automotive and mobility clusters. PVF’s overall objective is to create solutions for tomorrow’s vehicles and mobility (1) by animating the cluster network, (2) by developing collaborative research projects involving private companies and research laboratories to bring near-market innovative products or services, and (3) by improving the industrial performance of companies in the automotive sector (lean manufacturing and industry 4.0).
In 2019 PVF totals about 400 members, mainly private companies (small and large), but also research and business support organizations. PVF proved its strong experience and reliability through the participation in many European projects (Interreg, FP7, H2020). PVF possesses the European Gold Label Excellence, and has strong collaborations with other clusters in France and around Europe.
PVF is lead partner of the WP1 “Smart Living Lab”.

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energy Environment Agency (FR)

AURA-EE is the regional energy and environment agency of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, in southeast-central France. Founded in 1978 with the support of the Regional Council, the agency aims at providing key data from the regional observatory, promoting, coordinating and developing programmes and actions supporting sustainable energies, ecomobility, energy efficiency in buildings, climate change mitigation and adaptation, waste management, circular economy, environmental protection and sustainable development.

University of Applied Sciences Kempten (DE)

Since 2009 the University of Applied Science Kempten has extensive experiences in the field of connected mobility. The main topics are electrical power systems, data analyses, ICT-systems, electrical power systems, power consumption models based on a driver model and integration in renewable energies and power consumption models of several vehicle types.  The UAS Kempten is a strong international oriented institution covering a wide range of thematic competences. With its “Forschungszentrum Allgäu FZA” and the network „Technologienetzwerk Allgäu TNA” the UAS Kempten is a platform for regional, national and European customers and partners in common public government-funded projects and contract research.

Climate Alliance (DE)

For 30 years, Climate Alliance member municipalities have been acting in partnership with indigenous rainforest peoples for the benefit of the global climate. With some 1,700 members spread across 26 European countries, Climate Alliance is the world’s largest city network dedicated to climate action and the only one to set tangible targets: each member city, town and district has committed itself to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent every 5 years. Recognising the impact our lifestyles can have on the world's most vulnerable people and places, Climate Alliance pairs local action with global responsibility. The network fosters cooperation with indigenous peoples, runs awareness raising campaigns and develops tools for climate action planning. It provides ample opportunity for participation and exchange while representing member interests at the national, European and international levels.

Municipal authorities of the provincial capital Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee (AT)

The municipal authorities of the provincial capital Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee are the administrative body of the provincial capital City Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee (Carinthia, Austria) which has an area of 120.07 km² and 100.000 inhabitants. It is primarily the department of Climate- and Environmental Protection that is involved in the project. This department has 21 employees and is responsible for environmental monitoring (air, water, noise), projects and subsidies in the field of environmental protection, energy efficiency, public relations work on subjects of environmental relevance and the drawing up of specialist reports.

Codognotto Austria GmbH (AT)

Codognotto Group is a family owned company known as a Global Logistics Operator with 1000 Professionals and 50 offices located in more than 20 countries being one of the main drivers of innovation and sustainability for the sector.

Over the years, the company has worked hard to become one of the most dynamic entities in the European Transport Industry through their services of FTL, Intermodality, Air & Ocean, Contract Logistics, Custom Services & Consultancy and Groupage & Distribution.

Stadtwerke Klagenfurt AG (AT)

STW is the local utility in Klagenfurt. The EKG (Energie Klagenfurt GmbH) as subsidiary company is the Distribution System Operator (DSO) and running the electricity grid with about 175 skilled persons. It can count on several experts for all topics related to e-SMART project: energy distribution, integration of e-power station or power plants into the energy grid, but also almost 10 years of experience as subcontractor in operation of charging infrastructure in the public area. Together with another Subsidiary of the STW, the KMG (Klagenfurt Mobil GmbH), which is the LPT Provider in the City of Klagenfurt, there are a lot of synergies (e.g. coordination of planning of energy distribution network and bus lines network), that can contribute to the e-SMART project.

County of Munich (DE)

With its appx. 346.000 inhabitants, the County of Munich is the most populous county amongst the 71 counties in Bavaria. Its 29 cities and villages encircle the City of Munich from the north to the south-west. Hence, the prosperous County of Munich is also facing the tremendous challenge of leading its citizens as well as its 26.000 companies to an energy-safe and climate-friendly future without compromising both the livability of the region and the productive capacity of its companies. In order to accomplish these objectives, the County of Munich has established its climate and energy initiative “29++” whose aim is to locally promote a sustainable energy transition by implementing measures that can easily be translated into action, raising awareness through public relations work.

Italienische Handelskammer München-Stuttgart / Camera di Commercio Italo-Tedesca e.V.

ITALCAM (DE) is a no-profit association of industrial and commercial enterprises, professionals, traders and institutions who wish to work actively to develop economic relationships in Europe, especially between Italy and Germany.
Active for more than 90 years on the territory, ITALCAM is also officially recognized by the Italian Government, as a strategic actor for the support in bilateral cooperation and for the assistance to entrepreneurs in their associate. ITALCAM works with Italian and German SMEs, universities, experts and consultants, research centres and local authorities.
Moreover, the Chamber develops services and projects focused on SMEs support, as main contractor or as a partner, acting as facilitator for the market uptake of new businesses as well as promoter of already well-established economic relations between Italy and Germany and in general enhancing the culture of entrepreneurship. Within this framework, it develops and implements many EU projects, ranging from Interreg to Erasmus+ and COSME.