e-Mobility Smart Grid For Passengers and Last Mile Freight Transport in the Alpine Space

e-SMART Interview Series

In the interview series, e-SMART partners talks to a variety of stakeholders of the project, including representatives of municipalities and the private sector, mobility planning agencies, transport companies as well as research institutions. The interviews will cover different aspects of e-mobility, focussing on local public transport and last mile freight logistics.

1st interview: Branka Leskovšek, Post of Slovenia

How to increase e-mobility solutions in the last-mile logistic sector? In the first e-SMART interview, Branka Leskovšek speaks about experiences and challenges while electrifying the fleet of the Post of Slovenia.

2nd interview: Paolo Ferraresi, Niinivirta Transport S.p.A.

In our second interview, Paolo Ferraresi from Niinivirta Transport S.p.A. speaks about current problems that in his perspective limit the development of electrifying last mile logistics (LML).

3rd interview: Domenico Nigro, Regione Piemonte

In our third interview, Domenico Nigro from Regione Piemonte (Italy) explains his perspective on the role of data (and its sharing) for administrative planning of public transport services.

4th interview: Omar Imberti, Scame Parre

In our fourth interview, Omar Imberti from Scame Parre argues, that while switching to e-mobility, the ultimate goal must be to reduce vehicles in the cities - in order to reduce (transport) pollution and to increase air quality.

5th interview: Franck Legardeur, Delmonicos

In our fifth interview, Franck Legardeur from Delmonicos argues, that blockchain technology is able to simplify the access to charging stations for e-vehicles users.

6th interview: Camillo Piazza, CLASS Onlus

In our sixth interview, Camillo Piazza from CLASS Onlus speaks about the main challenges to reach electrification of last mile logistics and public transport.

7th interview: Martin Reinthaler, Austrian Institute of Technology

In our seventh interview, Martin Reinthaler from the Austrian Institute of Technology reports of a market study on the use of e-vehicles in the logistics sector.

8th interview: Sabrina Medaglia, Province of Brescia

In our eights interview, Sabrina Medaglia from the Province of Brescia speaks about the importance of the territory in the diffusion of electrified local public transport.

9th interview: Francesco Naso, MOTUS-E

In our ninth interview, Francesco Naso from MOTUS-E speaks about topics that need to be addressed to reach electrification of local public transport and last mile logistics.

10th interview: Raffaele Gareri, City of Rome

In our tenth interview, Raffaele Gareri from the City of Rome speaks about smart cities and e-mobility.

11th interview: Bas Boorsma, Thunderbird School of Global Management

In our eleventh interview, Bas Boorsma from the Thunderbird School of Global Management speaks about Smart Territory Ecosystems.

12th interview: Giuseppe Chiantera, Municipality of Turin

In our twelfth interview, Giuseppe Chiantera from the Municipality of Turin speaks about electric charging infrastructure for the local public transport and logistics sectors.

13th interview: Gianluigi Berrone, Piemonte Region

In our thirteenth interview, Gianluigi Berrone from Piemonte Region speaks about the importance of data and their sharing for sustainable mobility planning.