e-Mobility Smart Grid For Passengers and Last Mile Freight Transport in the Alpine Space


  • e-SMART final event in Turin on 4 of May 2022

    Integrated e-mobility planning in the Alpine Space - The e-SMART Final Event took place in Turin on 4 May 2022.

  • General Public Survey

    Between July and December 2021, the e-SMART project carried out an online survey targetting citizens, students, schools and citizens initiatives to collect information on their views on e-mobility. The results have been published now.

  • Layouted Tactical and Operational Roadmap online

    The layouted versions of the Tactical and Operational Roadmap are online and can be downloaded.

  • e-SMART published training materials and best practices for electrifying the local public transport and the last mile logistics

    What are the main challenges of electrifying the local public transport and the last mile logistic sectors? How to effectively implement mobility plans within a regional territory? Which measures can a public authority apply in order to strengthen e-mobility solutions in the transport sector? Which solutions have already been tested? Where can more information on technical or governance issues been found?

    The e-SMART project addresses these and many related questions. The project consortium now produced 22 training materials and collected 35 best practice examples on different aspects of e-mobilty integration in the local public transport and last mile logistic sectors.

  • Joint webinar held on „Multipurpose usage of public transport infrastructure”

    Interreg EfficienCE and the Interreg Alpine Space e-SMART project joined forces to organise a webinar held on 9 December 2021 where presenters dived deep into planning, implementation and research related to piloting and testing solutions for multimodal and multifunctional bus charging stations and their integration with the existing urban transport network.