e-Mobility Smart Grid For Passengers and Last Mile Freight Transport in the Alpine Space

Integrated e-mobility planning in the Alpine Space – e-SMART final event in Turin on 4 of May 2022

Hosted by the event “Next Generation Mobility in Turin, the e-SMART final event took place in the “Museo Nazionale dell´Automobile” in Turin.
Partners from the five Alpine countries travelled to Italy, some bringing their stakeholders with them. 79 persons joined the event in person, 1091 participated online!

After an introduction to the project held by Cristina Cavicchioli, several e-SMART partners presented their project results: Blanka Odlazek, project manager at Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska, broached the issue of EU policies and the implementation of charging infrastructure for freight vehicles and e-buses. Charlotte Wallin, project manager at Hochschule Kempten, presented the topic of digitalisation and Smart City as well as 2 project outputs: the Tactical Roadmap and the e-SMART Toolkit. Gianluigi Berrone, Technical Officer at Transport Department of Regione Piemonte, talked about local public transport. Other topic, presented by Alessia Padalino, project manager at Codognotto Group Austria, was last mile logistics and its current challenges, followed by a presentation on energy for sustainable mobility, held by Noémie Poize, Head of the Renewable Energy department, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energy Environment.

Afterwards, there were a variety round tables and discussion panels around e-mobility: EU regulations on sustainable mobility and decarbonisation, planning of territorial and public administration at the national and local level, challenges and solutions for the electrification of last mile logistics, digitalisation to support the transition to a sustainable mobility system and ease of the services, challenges of the sustainable energy production and energy recharge, and strategies and tools to support and develop hydrogen mobility.

The event marked the end of three years of project work on development of e-mobility services with an integrated approach to the planning of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles – in the area of local public transport and last mile logistics.

Please find the presentations of all speakers below:

Christina Cavicchioli, RSE
Blanka Odlazek, BSC
Charlotte Wallin, Hochschule Kempten
Gianluigi Berrone, Regione Piemonte
Alessia Padalino, Codognotto
Étienne Viénot, AURA-EE
Xavier Garcia, EUSALP
Miguel Zarzuela, circe
Evangelos Karfopoulos, echange 4drivers
Lisa Göttfried, move2zero
Darko Trajanov, Ministry of Infrastructure, Republic of Slovenia
Sarah Zaiss, Landkreis München
René Leitner, Codognotto
Alastair Fairgrieve, Tevva
Cathérine Détrieux, Volta Trucks
Caterina Pasetti, UNARETI
Ibrahim Diab, TU Delft
Lourdes Rico, M.A.I.O.R
Samuel Wü