e-Mobility Smart Grid For Passengers and Last Mile Freight Transport in the Alpine Space

Work Package 2: Smart Mobility Roadmap

Tactical Roadmap

The Tactical Roadmap is a ready to use document for decision makers that list, at transnational Alpine Space level, objectives, criteria, timelines, milestones and vision to achieve an integrated E-CS planning in relation to smart grid and e-mobility services diffusion in LPT and LML.

Download the Tactical Roadmap here.

Operational Roadmap

The Operational Roadmap represents the link between the Tactical Roadmap and the respective territories. The Operational Roadmap strongly reflects the Tactical Roadmap’s structure, with customised regional and local needs, objectives, business models, incentive and financial sources.

Download the Operational Roadmap here.

Grid and e-mobility transport services report - From E-CS to energy

Blueprint of key elements (energy production, renewable energy source rate, distribution, services for flexible electric grid operation, local peaks management, power grid stability) of energy grid integration with e-mobility, e-LPT, and e-LML services. Contains criteria for the Tactical Roadmap.

Download here.

Mapping report - From E-CS to mobility

The report shows a summary of the survey conducted among more than 1000 public and private stakeholders to gather key elements necessary to develop the e-SMART tactical and then operational Road map. Both roadmaps will support decision-makers in the deployment and promotion of e-charging infrastructure and e-mobility.

Mapping report

e-SMART Capitalization Report

e-SMART aims to contribute to a larger diffusion of e-mobility in the AS, thanks to the cooperation of regional and local authorities with the private sector in designing and testing an operational model to plan Electric charging stations.
The purpose of the report is to list and share the state of the art on European research programmes on the main issues of the project. The link to the more relevant aspects is underlined.

A special focus is lies on the Interreg Alpine Space e-MOTICON project and EUSALP activities.
Moreover this report represent a basis for networking action with previous and past projects, in order to capitalize their results.

Capitalization Report