Near-surface Geothermal Resources in the Territory of the Alpine Space

Pilot areas

The Parc Naturel des Bauges (France)

The Parc Naturel des Bauges (PNR) is located in the northern western Alps of France, both on Savoie and Haute-Savoie Departments. It encompasses 64 local communes that make up about 70,000 inhabitants.
From 2016 to 2018 the Parc is updating its chart, resulting in a cartography of renewable energy resources produced in 2017. As GRETA playground, the methodological development of the project could be used as input to this process...

Aosta Valley (Italia)

Aosta Valley is the northwesternmost and smallest Italian region, and can be considered the most mountainous region in the whole Europe. Although the bottom valley, hosting a thick alluvial aquifer, is very suitable for a groundwater geothermical exploitation, relevant geothermal energy projects have not yet been undertaken.

Canton Grisons (Switzerland)

Covering an area of about 7 105 km², Canton of Grisons is the largest canton of Switzerland and hosts near 180 municipalities. The aim of the pilot study Davos is the development of methods for the estimation of the geothermal utilization potential of deeper alpine aquifers and the development of model-based scenarios of the exploitation of the deep aquifers and their computer-aided use optimization. 

Oberallgäu district (Germany)

The district capital Sonthofen will is actively interested in fostering the use of near-surface geothermal resources to achieve its aims as a participant in the European energy award.

The Case Study Area in Austria covers an area of about 200 km² in the far west of Salzburg, bordering Tyrol. Here, issues are about how does the gradient and the orientation of the hillside influence the geothermal usability of the shallow underground in this high-altitude region.

Cerkno Municipality (Slovenia)

The Municipality will support the integration of near-surface geothermal resources activities to its spatial plan and Local Energy action plan. An important part of the case study is also to include the hotel Cerkno with neighboring public buildings.
Take a look at the map of the GRETA project and the breakdown of its activities within the Alpine Space.

Each case study and pilot area described above is located on the map in green, and each red landmark represents the location of a consortium member within the project area.

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