Near-surface Geothermal Resources in the Territory of the Alpine Space

Innovative approach taken by GRETA

GRETA aims to develop a shared knowledge base for the adoption of Near Surface Geothermal Energy (NSGE) systems in the Alps, considering technical, economic, environmental and social issues deriving also from field observations (Case Studies).

The goal is an increase in use of NSGE and thermal storage in the Alps by:

  • Providing spatial information of NSGE potential on the base of efficiency criteria considering limitations imposed by regulations
  • Analyzing and ideally harmonizing country-specific regulations and best-practice and summarizing them into guidelines
  • Anchor the NSGE potential in the energy planning of Pilot Areas.
The innovation represented by the approach of GRETA is the adaption of a low carbon technology, well-established in lowland areas, to the energy needs of the Alpine environment. The project aims are dedicated to the implementation stage of the policy cycle and to the integration of NSGE into Energy Planning procedures.

The need of a transnational cooperation

All Alpine countries are facing the same challenge: to plan for and meet an increasing energy demand and to reduce CO2 emissions through fossil fuel substitution according to European Comission 2030 energy strategy.

NSGE is a diffused resource across national borders, but the regulations, best-practice knowledge and the integration of NSGE in energy plans show huge deviations. These issues affect the substitution of fossil fuels with NSGE and make it necessary to develop harmonized cross-border strategies, policies and common energy planning procedures and tools to foster the implementation of this low carbon system in the Alps. Among other sectors, tourism calls for an Alpine integrated approach to NSGE development.


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